H A. Kelaa Kandoofaa

HA. Kelaa



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HA. Kelaa, a 212-hectare island located in the Northern most side of the HA. Atoll, is among one of the islands in the Northern Maldives where wetlands are observed. The wetland in Kelaa has 22 hectares. Compared to the other islands in Maldives, the wetland in Kelaa, which is environmentally noteworthy and historically significant to the island, has the most number of number of Small-Leaved Orange Mangrove (Kan'doo). During the "boduthadhu" (famine) caused by Second World War, the Small-Leaved Orange Mangroves were a reliable source of food for Kelaa and its nearby islands. This is in contrast to some other islands which struggled with food security during the war. Small-Leaved Orange Mangroves are still sometimes used as food. A huge Kulhlhava tree, which is more than 50 years old, is also found in the wetland in Kelaa. The wetland is home to different species of birds, and migratory birds are observed in great numbers in this area. In addition to a huge population of Common Moorhen (Kulheekukulhu), protected birds in the Maldives such as Grey Heron (Maakanaa), Cattle Egret (Iruvaahudhu), Maldivina Water Hen (Kanbili), Black Crowned Night Heron (raabondhi), and Asian Koel (Koveli) are among the types of birds which this wetland is home to.


Protected Area Category
  • Category 7 - Protected Area with Sustainable Use
Date of Protection:
16 June 2019


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Mangrove Dieback in HA. Kelaa and HDh. Neykurandhoo

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