L. Gan Boda Fengada

L. Gan


Total Area

706.02 ha

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L. Gan’s ‘Bodu Fengandu’ or Big Pond is a gold-coloured lake located on the east side of Kuda Hinna. It is also known as ‘Paree Fengandu’ (Fairy Pond) or ‘Naraka Fengandu’ (Hell Pond). This lake plays a huge role in the history of this island and a lot of folktales are also attributed to it.
When we evaluate the environmentally valuable features of this island, it is worth mentioning that Red Mangrove (Ran’doo) can be seen in high numbers in its mangroves and wetlands area. And the area is surrounded by fish poison trees (Kin’bi Gas). This area is essential in order to ensure the survival of birds that are protected nationwide in the Maldives. One of the bird species that has been recorded as breeding and populating in this island is White-tailed Tropicbird (Dhan’difulhu Dhooni). And importantly, the mangrove and wetlands areas are known to keep the freshwater lens of the island clean and protect the island from flooding. They also play a key role in preventing global warming by acting as carbon sinks by controlling the carbon dioxide levels. 


Protected Area Category
  • Category 7 - Protected Area with Sustainable Use
Alternative Name
Paree Fengandu
Date of Protection:
23 December 2021


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