N. Foh Dhipparu finolhu

Noonu (N)



Total Area

321.00 ha

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Fodhdhipparu, including the surrounding reef, is an 82.4-hectare sandbank on the north side of N. Fodhdhoo. This sandbank is both naturally and environmentally significant because of its features and is home to a wide variety of species. Seabirds visit this sandbank in the southwest and northeast monsoons. Other species of migratory birds that visit the Maldives can be seen here as well. Roseate Terns (Valla), which is a protected bird species in the Maldives, also gather on this sandbank in large numbers and are known to lay eggs here. The Roseate Tern is also a bird that helps fishermen find schools of fish. Since this sandbank has a stunning white sand spit, it is quite famous among tourists. The reef surrounding Fodhdhipparu is one rich with diverse species of marine life. To the south of Fodhdhipparu is the atoll entrance (Kanduolhi) between Fodhoo and the sandbank. A considerable number of various types of fish can be caught easily from this atoll entrance. The number of reef fish found around the reef and the lagoon of the sandbank is also high.


Protected Area Category
  • Category 7 - Protected Area with Sustainable Use
Date of Protection:
16 June 2019


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