N. Orimas Thila

Noonu (N)



Total Area

46.10 ha

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Orimas thila, is a deep thila located 5 kilometres from the west of N. Felivaru. This area is an important diving spot within this atoll. This is a beautiful small rock-based thila, which is surrounded by lively corals and marine life. A great number of grey reef sharks (vahboa miyaru) can be seen wandering in this area. The majority of this thila is made up of giant rocks. The caves on the sides of these rocks are filled with corals, soft corals and sponges. The surveys conducted on this thila have recorded a total of 27 types of fish. This includes loads of schools of Skipjack tuna (kan’dumas), Trevally (han’dhi) and different types of other reef fish (farumas). The corals are home to a myriad of colorful small fishes. Cobia, a fish which is rarely seen in the Maldives is also seen here. Many of the protected underwater species in Maldives are often seen in this thila. One of the most special characteristics of Orimas thila is that grey reef sharks (vahboa miyaru) can be seen here in groups of more than a 100. Apart from grey reef sharks, whitetip reef shark (olhufathi miyaru) and the lesser seen zebra shark (faana miyaru) are also seen swimming in this thila. Lastly, protected turtles, rays and grouper fish (faana) are also seen in this area.


Protected Area Category
  • Category 7 - Protected Area with Sustainable Use
Date of Protection:
16 June 2019


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